Culinary Events

Individual/Couples Cooking Lessons

You have Chef Michael Feker’s undivided attention for this hour of one-on-one cooking lessons where he will teach you anything from simple recipes to fine dining entrees; culinary techniques to perfecting that favorite family recipe to recreating a favorite dish in a healthier way. You name your passion and Chef Feker will teach it to you. Each session is informative, casual and fun. Together you will create, learn and taste. Available solo, or a perfect bonding experience for couples.

Chef’s Counter Private Event

Host an intimate dinner party away from home with renowned Chef Michael Feker at the helm, on his own stage, the kitchen. He will prepare a specially-designed multi-course meal for you and your guests. You watch, learn and enjoy the fabulous flavors. He works with you on the menu to match your personal tastes and budget. Dinner parties require a min of 8 guests and can accommodate up to 30.

Chemistry of Food and Beer

Sit back and relax as Chef Feker prepares your meal before your eyes, while enjoying and learning about complementing, beautifully crafted beers.

Cocktail Party

Looking for a welcoming, cozy space for an upcoming event? The heart of every party is in the kitchen, so why not gather around our state-of-the-art kitchen and enjoy food and drinks with 20 to 45 guests. Multiple appetizer and beverage packages are available.

Corporate Cooking

Looking for a unique way to build morale or just say “thanks” to your team? Consider a Corporate Cooking class where you create a meal together as a team. Your experience will include exceptional cuisine prepared by your team under the tutelage of Chef Michael Feker. Cooking instruction and recipe preparation are conducted in groups. When all dishes are complete and ready for sampling, your team shall regroup and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Min 8 guests; max 30.

Feker’s Food Fights

A culinary show-down led by Chef Michael Feker. Watch as two local celebrities battle for bragging rights — each “Chef” shall receive a basket of secret ingredients and, joined by a professional Sous Chef, will create an unique dish to persuade your palate. Voting, done by the live audience, shall determine the winner with net proceeds of the event going to the winner’s Charity of Choice. Seating is limited.

Culinary Night Out

Combine fun, friends, family and food with an educational and entertaining cooking demonstration. The result? A Culinary Night Out! The evening features a seasonal menu, created and executed personally by Chef Michael Feker, with the option of wine pairing and/or a hands-on activity. Minimum of 8 and maximum of 30 guests.

Gourmet Wine Tasting

Enjoy the unique creations of Chef Michael Feker, complemented by the flavor profiles of amazing wines. Watch and learn as Chef Feker presents your three-course dinner while our wine Sommelier shares secrets and tips of paring wines with great food. Open enrollment event only.

Learning Luncheon

Take a break from the routine of your day and treat yourself to a culinary adventure with a demonstration or hands-on luncheon with celebrity Chef Michael Feker. Learn under the tutelage of Chef Feker and walk away knowing the hows and whys of Chef Feker’s unique culinary techniques.

Regions of the World Tasting

Discover cultures from all over the world while you indulge in a fabulous multi-course meal. Chef Michael Feker will lead you on a culinary journey comprised of amazing creations complemented by wines from the region. Minimum 8 maximum 30 guests.



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